Vaccines for children and adolescents aged 10 to 19 years are free under the National Immunisation Program. This is to help those who didn’t get them in childhood to get up to date through a catch up schedule.

Health advice about Meningococcal B vaccine

From early 2024 the Meningococcal vaccine will be free for eligible Queensland infants, children and adolescents. Find out more on the Queensland Government Queensland MenB Vaccination Program webpage.

Vaccination Schedule

Your child might need to get 2 to 4 different vaccines at certain ages. It’s also important that they get their vaccines on time.

If your child has medically at-risk conditions, they may need extra vaccines. Talk to your vaccination service provider for more information.

Year 7 students (or age equivalent)

All adolescents should get the following vaccinations:

Year 10 students (or age equivalent)

All adolescents should get the following vaccinations:

The Queensland School Immunisation Program

Students in year 7 and 10 in Queensland schools get free vaccinations through the School Immunisation Program.

Adolescents who aren’t attending school can also get free vaccines, for example those being home schooled. They should get vaccinated in the same year vaccines are given through the school program.

Find out more about the School Immunisation Program on the Queensland Health website.

If your child misses their vaccination at school

If your child misses a vaccine, there are places they can go to catch up.

They can go to:

  • a catch up school clinic if offered
  • a community immunisation clinic if offered
  • your doctor or other vaccination service provider.

Note, the vaccines are free, but there may be a consultation fee for the visit.

Catch ups

If you’ve missed a vaccinations, you can catch up. Human papillomavirus (HPV) catch up is free for children and adolescents up to and including 25 years.

Talk to your vaccination service provider if you think you need to catch up.

Tips for parents

Some children can be nervous about vaccinations. If your child is nervous, talk to them about the importance of vaccination, and how a little pain now will give them long term protection. You can also help them by making sure:

  • they have a good breakfast
  • they’re wearing loose clothes
  • they’re feeling well before their vaccination
  • they let their vaccinator know if they’re feeling nervous or unwell.

Vaccination information in your language

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Vaccines for adolescents

Certain vaccines are recommended for adolescents in Queensland. Certain vaccines are recommended for adolescents in Queensland.

Adolescents in year seven and year ten can get free vaccinations through the Queensland School Immunisation Programme.

If your child is in year seven or year ten they will be given immunisation consent forms. These forms need to be completed and returned to your child's school.

If you need help filling out forms you could ask your teacher, a neighbour or another person in the community for help. Your child will not be vaccinated without this written consent.

If an adolescent in your family has missed vaccinations or does not have an immunisation record your doctor can plan a Catch-up Schedule for them.

People between 10 and 19 years old can have catch-up vaccines for free.

You can also download your child's immunisation record from your Medicare account through on your computer or your mobile phone if your child is under 14 years of age.

People over 14 years of age can access their own immunisation history statement on the AIR.

Ask your doctor to print a copy of your child's immunisation records or call the Australian Immunisation Register 1800 653 809. They will post it to you.

If you need help with English you can use an interpreter by calling 131 450. This service is free.

If your child has an overseas immunisation record in a language other than English you can get the record translated for free. Visit for more information.

If young people under 20 years of age don't have an immunisation record on AIR your family assistance
payments may be impacted.

Talk to your doctor if you have questions about your vaccinations.

Find out more

For more information about vaccination, contact your health provider or call 13 HEALTH(13 43 25 84) .

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Information in your language

You can find information about vaccination in your language on the  Queensland Government website.

Last updated: August 2023