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  • 08.03.2023

    The flu vaccine and why it’s so important

    Each year, we face the possibility of a serious flu season. For some people, the flu can cause serious illness, and it can also be deadly. Flu strains are continually changing, so it’s important to get vaccinated against the flu each year to

  • 07.03.2023

    Why antibiotics can’t be used to treat viruses, colds or the flu

    When you’re sick all you want is a medicine that will make everything better. It’s the same when someone you care for is sick. Unfortunately, when it comes to viruses, like those that cause colds or influenza (the flu), antibiotics don’t work.

  • 06.03.2023


    HPV (also known as human papillomavirus) is a common virus that affects people of all genders and ages. In fact, if you’re sexually active, it’s likely you have had genital HPV at one point or other in your life.

  • 05.03.2023

    The lowdown on chickenpox

    Many of us remember getting chickenpox as kids. For most, it wasn’t so bad. A few days off school, an itchy rash, temperature, runny nose and headache. And then it cleared up and your childhood continued as normal.

  • 04.03.2023

    Measles: not so harmless

    Many people think of measles as a fairly harmless disease. Measles can cause very serious health issues and can be especially dangerous to children, the elderly and anyone with a chronic illness.

  • 03.03.2023

    Kids and needle-phobia

    No one particularly likes needles, but about a quarter of us have a genuine phobia of injections.

  • 02.03.2023

    Vaccination for adults

    Most people think vaccinations are only for children. But vaccinations are just as important for adults.

  • 01.03.2023

    How to stop the spread of vaccine misinformation

    You should be aware that some information you hear or read could be misleading, or just plain false. And when it comes to your health, misleading and false information can be dangerous.

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