When you get vaccinated, you build an immunity to the disease, we call this immunisation.

If you aren’t vaccinated and you get a vaccine preventable disease, you could experience serious illness which may result in a disability or death. Some groups in the community are more at risk. This includes children under 5, pregnant women, people with certain medical conditions, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and people over 65.

Queensland has a high rate of immunisation so death or disability from once common infectious diseases is now rare. Because the diseases aren’t common in the community, we may think we don’t need immunisation.

Aiming for a population that’s 95% immunised and has ‘herd immunity’ is a priority. This means enough people have immunity to stop the spread of disease which protects people who can’t be vaccinated. We need to make sure we don’t get complacent and continue to get ourselves and family members vaccinated.

Watch our short video and learn more about herd immunity.

Herds of animals protect each other from danger.
Protecting the herd
Humans have the same instinct.
We can protect ourselves and those around us through vaccination.
This is important for people who cannot be vaccinated themselves.
When enough people are protected, a disease will no longer be able to spread.
This is called herd immunity.
At least 95% of Queenslanders need to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity.
You are not only protecting yourself by getting vaccinated but also everyone around you.
Help to protect your herd.
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Vaccines can reduce the impact of disease

While vaccinated people can still get a vaccine preventable disease, the impact of that disease is usually less severe.

Vaccines reduce the risk of getting rare diseases

While some diseases aren’t common in Australia, they may be common in other countries. Vaccination will protect you and your child from these diseases if travellers bring them into Australia or if you catch them while travelling overseas.

Medical professionals still give vaccinations for rare diseases, like polio, to stop the disease from spreading or coming back.

Where to get vaccinated

Getting vaccinated is easy. You can get most vaccines from your GP or other vaccination service providers. Find out where to get vaccinated.

Last updated: April 2023