Childcare requirements

In Queensland, if your child’s vaccinations aren’t up to date, your childcare service can:

  • refuse to enrol your child
  • cancel your child’s enrolment or refuse to let them attend
  • conditionally accept your child’s enrolment or attendance.

To prove your child’s vaccinations are up to date, you may need to show an immunisation history statement when your child enrols.

You may also need to show an updated immunisation history statement when your child passes the vaccination milestones up to the age of 4.

Find out more about childcare immunisation requirements on the Queensland Government website or from your childcare centre.

Family assistance payments

If your child isn’t vaccinated at key milestones you may not be able to get Family Tax Benefit Part A or child care fee assistance.

Find out about immunisation requirements on the Services Australia website.

Last updated: April 2023